Are you optimizing your data? To succeed in this competitive environment of financial services, you need information to help you make the right decisions and implement effective strategies.

 Whether is selecting the right prospects for a marketing campaign; conducting a post assessment to determine whether it was successful. I can help you identify key performance indicators to help you measure progress and implement future strategy.

 Here are some of the things I can perform for your institution: 

  1. Statistical and segmentation analysis based on demographics, profitability, service propensity, etc.
  2. Track and analyze campaign and sales performance results, and return on investment (ROI)
  3. Identify the best prospects for your targeted marketing campaigns
  4. Product trend analysis to measure growth and retention rate
  5. Forecast product acquisition growth based on historical statistical data
  6. HH and member/customer growth analysis
  7. Analysis of new customers/members acquisition, identify demographics and products purchased
  8. HH segmentation
    1. Identify new HHs by segments (demographics, age, income, etc.)
    2. Create user defined segments that best suits your financial institution
  9. Profit analysis
  10. Transaction analysis
  11. Competitive market analyses
  12. Develop presentations outlining the progress and trends in volume and customer growth
  13. Create custom reports in Excel or Access


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