Highly effective marketing analyst with over 15 years of marketing and data analysis experience in the financial industry.

Greatly skilled at analyzing, interpreting and presenting data. Highly proficient in Excel and Access.

Use statistical analysis to measure campaign activities and members’ purchasing behavior.

Conducted numerous marketing campaign analyses.

  • Tracked results
  • Performed ROI and acquisition cost per account
  • Determined whether campaigns were successful
  • Made recommendations on how to improve results

Vast experience using demographics and market segmentation analyses in order to develop targeted marketing campaigns, and identify the right products to advertise to customers/members and prospects.




Touché Analyzer expert

  1. Over four years of client support assisting and consulting clients with their Touché needs.
  2. Trained clients on how to most effectively use their MCIF systems and maximize usage.
  3. Created and conducted numerous web-training sessions
  4. Helped clients with their research, analysis and interpretation of data obtained through Touché Analyzer.
  5. Consulted with clients on their segmentation analysis by utilizing existing segments and creating new ones, and incorporating demographic data into their analysis.
  6. Advised clients on how to best use their MCIF system to create, manage and analyze their marketing campaigns. A key component was selecting the best prospects for the campaign in order to maximize their ROI.
  7. Assisted clients with their optimization of Touché software
    1. Insured product and service definitions were up to date
    2. Reviewed interface mapping and verified that fields were properly mapped
    3. Went over interface mapping to client

Knowledgeable with Raddon Integrator Advance. Over 2.5 years experience as an end user.